Meat Piñata

Tapping her camel light against the table, she watches him read Atlas Shrugged on the couch across from her. The cuffs of his white button down shirt are rolled up to his elbows; he mouths the words as his eyes trail through each page. When she lights her cigarette, he looks up with a glare, and looks back to his book. The moonlight filters in through the vertical blinds across the floorboards. She inhales. The sound is nauseating. She slides the scissors closer, over the table, marking the wood. He looks up with scorn. She keeps her eyes on his as she moves over to him and plunges them into his belly, ruining his perfectly pressed shirt. He grabs for her hair, in defense, pulling her towards him. This arouses her. She pushes forward and twists into the soft meat of his stomach. He gasps and spasms uncontrollably, unable to fill the empty spaces she’s hollowed out of him. When she pulls the scissors out, she sets her cigarette on the side of the ashtray and shoves her small hand into the pit of him. She feels around the wet and pulls whatever isn’t too slippery to grab out and flings it on the pine floor, again and again-until his whole trunk is hollow. She takes his arms and drags him across the floor to the rug in front of the fireplace. When she finishes, she snuffs out her cigarette and heads to their room, crawls into bed and slides her hands down into her panties and masturbates. She wants to come. The spasms begin in her feet and work their way through her. Afterwards, she sleeps. In the morning when his flesh has hardened, she brings out a huge bag of Sour Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Everlasting Gobstoppers and Laffy Taffy. She kneels down beside him filling him with all these sugary goodies until there’s no room left. She runs to the garage and grabs a piece of burlap and then to the sewing room and grabs some needles and thread. She double stitches the burlap over the hole, and then drags his body out to the patio. She gets some rope and ties his wrists together in a double knot; she throws the other end over the frame of the patio cover, and hoists his body up until he is suspended. She runs to her room and grabs her Louisville slugger and then out to the patio. She swings. She swings again and again until she’s covered in blood and candy.

One response to “Meat Piñata

  1. Oh this one I love I and know why its because iam fucked in the head

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