At some point last night I decided I wanted to put together this writing project. I’ve been feeling adrift and without direction for a while, and it seemed that the solution was quite plain. I just need to write.

So, here is some of my older stories and poems for reference. Some may be good, others may be bad. There will be other stuff here as I go.

“Writing sustains me. But wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that it sustains this kind of life? Which does not, of course, mean that my life is any better when I don’t write. On the contrary, at such times it is far worse, wholly unbearable, and inevitably ends in madness. This is, of course, only on the assumption that I am a writer even when I don’t write – which is indeed the case; and a non-writing writer is, in fact, a monster courting insanity.” -Kafka


2 responses to “purpose/less

  1. Well its about time

  2. Its about time

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