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A few words about “Words are Stupid” by John Cheese aka Mack Leighty

You probably know John Cheese from his weekly Cracked articles or as the inspiration for the character of John from ‘John Dies at the End’. That’s where I know him from. I like that David Wong and John Cheese are real people out there in Undisclosed/Illinois battling meat monsters or shadow people. I only hope that Molly is real too, because I want to pet the fuck out of that dog.

Sometimes I like to play this game with my friends where I ask them if I was a character in whatever film, which one is most like me? It’s an ego-centric game, where I’ve only lost the one time someone said I was a mix between Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange. When I asked who I am in ‘John Dies at the End’ the general consensus was that I’d be David Wong.

Where am I going with this?

Over the years having read a few of Mr. Cheese’ articles I can gauge that John and I had some similar shitty childhood experiences. For a very long time I would not talk openly about just how fucking shitty it was, that’s what happens when you can’t laugh about that shit yet. And it’s actually super helpful to see other people going through something similar and refusing to take it seriously enough to let it weigh them down. I admire that.

‘Words are Stupid’ is a short little book, put out on Smashwords for 99 cents (for ebook) or Lulu for 8.96$ (paperback)

I bought the ebook because I’m a sucker for immediate satisfaction and not paying a lot. Although I’d rather throw money at this guy than some Hollywood douchester any day/everyday.

There are not a lot of pages, I’m not going to count them. There are five sections (maybe John/Mack has gotten used to writing in five points from his Cracked writing), and the content is all funny quotes that work into the title of each of the sections.

These sections are: Life and Junk, Butts and Dongs, Entertainment, Foooood, and Wait, What? Then there is a small ‘about me’ at the end.

The whole thing is pretty funny. I read it in the early hours of the morning during a very-fucking-early wake n’ bake. I would have laughed anyway, though. I totally recommend this shit. Give it a go.


Trevor Moore’s Whatever Show (3/27 at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)

So, I went to see Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U’Know) out in Hollywood last night. This guy:& so if you don’t know, the theatre doesn’t sell alcohol, so we drank beforehand & hotboxed the car as well, so bare with me as I scramble together the details of the evening. First, the venue is small & intimate, which is awesome. And I was laughing the whole time I was there. There was this weird leaf-blower invention, which required buckets of random shit (cat or dog food, oatmeal, sunny d, chocolate milk, shrimp, and ground beef seem to be the most memorable ingredients). After spraying down two fellows who were representatives of either side of the room during a game of ‘cop or drunks’ a big sloshy puddle of this tantalizing mix lay of the floor for the rest of the show–providing us with the arousing aroma of shrimp and sunny d (mostly).

Sam Brown and Darren Trumeter came out and did a Whitest Kids sketch (slow jerk). Sam slipped into the puddle of floor-soup I think like twice. They announced that the coming season would be their last, but made it sound as if they’d still be working on projects together. Then they played sketches from the new season, which were fucking hilarious. I’m looking forward to April 15th when the new season begins.

There was a couple stand-up comics, and I wish I would have jotted down a couple of their names because the small Asian lady was hilarious and so was the guy with the boot. I’ve done the minimal googling possible and still have not acquired their names. I’ll update this if I ever figure it out.

The whole shebang was a lot of fun. He said they’ll do another one next month. You should go.